Sunday, July 1, 2012

Worked with Aria Photographic studio through the morning to produce some large prints that I have been working on in Tehran. there is a substantial amount of support for photographers in Iran. there are four magazines in print for photographic art, as well as numerous online journals. as well as photo Biennial.  the master printer at Aria was very good!
heard a Christmas carol in Persian while I was working! 'tidings of comfort and joy'


Driving back from Samira's studio in North Tehran, the Taxi driver spoke Persian or French, so we had a great conversation in french. he grew up in Paris in the 80's and returned to Iran at the age of 21.

Samira's invited me to meet with a number of artists, to share work.  it was a long afternoon, with many reflections on teaching art in Iran and the way the Iranian /American artists work in the diaspora.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

'My name is not a Muslim name, it is Persian'

there is a hair and make-up session and photo-shoot  in the flat today, which has continued for several hours.  the make-up artist, who has prepared the bride, worked on the bride-to-be for about 4 hours, making a very delicate chignon which looked fantastic with the satin, white gown.
I cooked some omelette and garlic mushrooms.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

These are all the variety of  framed, woven carpets that can be bought in the Bazaar, but also in other shops across the city.  there is something for every taste.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Met with Ahmed Nadalian, the artist who has set up a residency program fro environmental art works.
"Who makes the border?
Do we make the border or
Does the border make us"

the idea to document very ordinary, everyday public activity.  it is somehow a relief to see this sort of everyday like that people lead.   Went to Bazaar-e-buzurg with artist Samiran and her friend.

Dinner with Rybon  members, Tooraj, Nagin, Hamid, Arvin andSara,  in an area called Darake, North Tehran. the restaurants are located next to a gushing river, and the temperature is much cooler. in fact it started raining!  everyone takes off their shoes, and there is a wide 'takht' to sit on in an enclosed/glass space.

filming in the Metro. it was Imam Hussain's birthday, so the city is decorated, and on many street corners, there is soft drinks served to passer bys.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

the idea to document 'ordinary' public spaces, which is what I see around me and not what is heard or seen in the media or discussions on Iran. the Metro is great here. it is air conditioned and there is a separate section for women if they wish to be in that section. the bus lane very fast, and some of the buses are also air conditioned.  the bus is also segregated, altho' not with a solid partition but a barrier as you enter the bus. I am told it i not easy to photograph or film in a public space. in fact artists need a licence to photograph or film in the city.